LTC "LIPGEI" as the accredited laboratory is involved in carrying out the monitoring of noise from industrial sources in the environment according to:
Ordinance № 54 of 13.12.2010 on the activities of the national system for monitoring environmental noise and the requirements for internal monitoring and providing information on industrial sources of environmental noise and

Ordinance № 6 of 26.06.2006 on indicators for environmental noise, taking into account the degree of discomfort in different parts of the day, limit values of noise indicators environment, methods of assessing the performance levels of noise and harmful effects of noise on public health

The tests are performed by internal method, consistent with the methodology of determining the total acoustic power emitted into the environment from industrial plant and determine the noise level at the point of impact to the Minister of Environment and Water (No RD-536 / 27.12.1999 ) and by standardized method.