As an accredited laboratory lik "LIPGEI" is involved in implementing the requirements of national legislation on the monitoring of ambient air - emissions of harmful substances into the air and studies of air quality - imissions by applying standardized and internal laboratory test methods.
In the scope of accreditation are included activities in the sampling and testing according to the requirements of normative documents:
ORDINANCE № 1 from 27.06.2005 to limit emissions of harmful substances (pollutants) emissions into the atmosphere from the sites and activities with stationary sources of emissions
Ordinance № 6, 1999 and subsequent amendments - The procedure and method for measuring the emission of harmful substances into the air from stationary sources
Ordinance № 7 of 3 May 1999 on the assessment and management of air quality
Ordinance № 9 of 3 May 1999 on limit values for sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter and lead in ambient air
Decree № 12 of 15 July 2010 on standards for sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter, lead, benzene, carbon monoxide and ozone in ambient air and others.
The laboratory is well equipped with modern and highly accurate measurement standards and measuring instruments.
We are one of the few laboratories in the country that determined the mass concentration of mass concentration of polychlorinated dibenzodioxins / polychlorinated dibenzofurans (PCDDs / PCDF) and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in waste gases - emissions.

LIK LIPGES is the only laboratory in the country that is accredited to perform parallel measurements to ensure the quality of continuous measurement stations by QAL 2 (quality level 2) and AST (annual surveillance) procedures according to BDS EN 14181 for applicable performance characteristics Testing from the scope of accreditation for emissions according to the requirements of the CEN / TS 15675 and BDS EN 15259.