LTC "LIPGEI" performs calibration of the following measuring instruments:

Gas analyzers for measured quantities: Oxygen, Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen oxide, Nitrogen dioxide, Sulfur dioxide, Hydrogen sulfide, Ammonia, Carbon monoxide, Total hydrocarbons and Dinitrogen oxide;

Dust meters for imissions and emissions and flow meters at continuous measurement of gases;

Humidity meters;

Measuring Instruments for Temperatute: Digital thermometers, Resistance temperature transducers and Thermoelectric temperature transducers (thermocouples)

Calibration of measuring instruments is performed by using:
certified gas mixtures and certified reference materials delivered by competent accredited manufacturers and standards and
measuring standards and measuring instruments calibrated by competent calibration laboratories.

The calibration of gas analyzers, dust meters at continuous measurement of gases and humidity meters can be carried out at the premises of the laboratory or at the client.
The calibration of flow meters at continuous measurement of gases is done only at the client.