LТC "LIPGEI" performed sampling and analysis of waste - solid and liquid, sludge and sediments by using of standardized and internal laboratory methods, in accordance with Ordinance No RD 950 of the Minister of Environment and Water on methods of testing for basic characterization and identification of compliance.
As an accredited laboratory LTC performs characterization and classification of waste and participates in the implementation of the requirements of national legislation in accordance with:
Ordinance № 2 of 23 July 2014 on waste classification
ORDINANCE 6 of 27 August 2013 on the conditions and requirements for construction and operation of landfills and other facilities and installations for the recovery and disposal of waste and others.
The laboratory is equipped with modern and highly accurate measuring instruments for:
Physicochemical analyses,
Spectrophotometric analysis,
Analysises with flow injection system,
Analyses by ICP - OES,
Analyzes by GC / FID and
Analyzes by GC / MS.
We are one of the few laboratories in the country that determined the mass concentration of dioxins and furans in the waste, sludge and sediments.