LTC "LIPGEI" perform sampling and analysis of the following types of water: groundwater, surface, drinking water - for drinking purposes, mineral water source, bottled natural mineral, spring and table, waste / processed for construction purposes, for industrial purposes and for irrigation by applying standardized and in-house methods
As an accredited laboratory LTC "LIPGEI" is involveded in implementing the requirements of national legislation on the monitoring of water quality in accordance to:
ORDINANCE № 1/10.10.2007 on exploration, use and protection of groundwater
ORDINANCE № 6/9.11.2000 on emission standards for permissible content of harmful and dangerous substances in waste water discharged into water bodies
ORDINANCE № 7/14.11.2000 on the conditions and procedures for discharge of industrial waste water collecting systems of settlements
ORDINANCE № 9/16.03.2001 on the quality of water intended for drinking purposes
ORDINANCE № 12/18.06.2002 on the quality requirements for surface water intended for drinking water supply and others.
The laboratory is equipped with modern and highly accurate equipment, which performed:
Physicochemical analyzes,
Spectrophotometric analysis,
Analyses with flow injection system,
Analyses by ICP - OES,
Analyses by Mercury analyzer;
Analyses by GC / FID and
Analyses by GC / MS.

We are one of the few laboratories in the country that determined the mass concentration of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins /PCDD/, polychlorinated dibenzofurans PCDF in different types of water.